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Hi, I'm new here (and new to LJ)...does anyone post here anymore? I'm answering the questions, just in case. :)

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Not new to LJ, but...
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Hi Everyone! *waves*
*Name - Debbie

*Age - 27

*Location - Arkansas

*Testimony - On May 7th 2006, my husband and I were invited to church by a friend of his. Now, I had been to church off and on basically my whole life, and in my mind.. I just always thought of myself as a "christian". But at this church (it was the same type I had been to all my life - Baptist) and the way the Pastor preached, it just really convicted me.. I knew something wasn't right in my life, but I tried to ignore it. That day, my husband walked the aisle, and accepted Christ as his Savior. I was happy, but incomfortable because I just knew something was off with me, but wasn't ready to admit that even after all my years of "church-going", I had never met Christ. The following week, I felt so empty, and I could tell that God was still tugging at my heart, to make that step, and get things settled in my own heart and life. I had played the "christian" for so long, I was in a way, embarrassed to admit that I was lost, in need of a Savior. But that Sunday (May 14th), the one after my husband got saved, I walked the aisle and accepted Christ, and my (our) life has never been the same since. We are faithful members of our church, and I thank the Lord every day for all his wonderful blessings and love. Our life has changed so much since then, and it amazes me, every single day.

*Favorite Bible Verse - I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me - Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

*What Are You Hoping To Get Out Of This Community - I am hoping to make some new friends, who share the same beliefs and who we can encourage each other in our walk with the Lord.

*What Are You Hoping To Being To This Community - I am hoping to bring friendship and support to the other members.

*Types of People You're Hoping To Meet - I am excited to meet each and every person who joins this community. I love meeting new people! :)

*Interests/Hobbies - Singing, Haircolor, Blogging.. Just a bunch of stuff! I love to cross stitch, but haven't done that in forever.

*Movies/Tv Shows - Golden Girls, Law & Order:SVU, Frasier, Beverly Hills 90210, Nancy Grace, Full House, Cosby Show..  and I LOVE Discovery Health Channel!As far as movies go, I usually just watch whatever is playing on tv.. usually on Lifetime.

*10 Words That Describe Your Personality - Honest, Kind, Loving, Sweet, Silly, Determined, Friendly, Caring, Thoughtful, Helpful

*Anything Else - Nope, I think that all gives you a pretty good idea of who I am! If you think we would make good friends, feel free to add me! I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

(Sorry it's so long, I couldn't figure out how to do the LJ-Cut thing.. )

What's up?

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New User
Livejournal username: jaded_in_style 
Name or Nickname: Brandy
Age: 28
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Denomination, Church or Religion: Southern Baptist
Testimony (optional)/How many years have you been a Christian? I received Christ in February 1997.
Favorite Bible verse(s) or interesting passages: Romans 8:28; 1 Peter 1: 2-8
What are you hoping to get out of this community? Christian friendships
What do you hope to bring to this community? Fellowship and understanding through the Lord Jesus Christ
Type of people you're hoping to meet: Christians
Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy writing poetry and reading a great deal. 
Movies/TV/Books you like: I watch House, 24, Law and Order: SVU and the newest show to make it to network television: Southland.
Ten words that describe your personality:Quiet, understanding, sympathetic, compassionate, passionate, lively, funny, sarcastic, quick witted, loving, kind.
Anything else?  I joined this community in an effort to break away from friends who are a bad influence over my life.  I feel God has been dealing with my heart about this situation and it is time I listened to Him.

Hello everyone
I'm under house arrest in Indiana, USA. The internet is my only way of talking to people. I am a lifecaster, and broadcast my webcam as often as I can on Justin.TV:
As you can imagine, I miss interaction with people, so please add me or come for a chat in my channel on JTV, anytime i am on

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Guess I'll start. :)

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a sweet cat among roses
This community is brand new and will be undergoing developments for a while, but the best way to get it going is to take part. Are you interested in having more comments on your journal? Knowing Christian friends are available to turn to? Looking for people to understand and share your faith, who can help you grow in your walk with God? Why not sign up today!

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