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jaded_in_style wrote in christianaddme
Livejournal username: jaded_in_style 
Name or Nickname: Brandy
Age: 28
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Denomination, Church or Religion: Southern Baptist
Testimony (optional)/How many years have you been a Christian? I received Christ in February 1997.
Favorite Bible verse(s) or interesting passages: Romans 8:28; 1 Peter 1: 2-8
What are you hoping to get out of this community? Christian friendships
What do you hope to bring to this community? Fellowship and understanding through the Lord Jesus Christ
Type of people you're hoping to meet: Christians
Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy writing poetry and reading a great deal. 
Movies/TV/Books you like: I watch House, 24, Law and Order: SVU and the newest show to make it to network television: Southland.
Ten words that describe your personality:Quiet, understanding, sympathetic, compassionate, passionate, lively, funny, sarcastic, quick witted, loving, kind.
Anything else?  I joined this community in an effort to break away from friends who are a bad influence over my life.  I feel God has been dealing with my heart about this situation and it is time I listened to Him.


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