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What's up?
jt_wynter wrote in christianaddme

Livejournal username: JT_Wynter
Name or Nickname: J.T. or Jessica
Age: 15
Location: Florida
Denomination, Church or Religion: Non-denominational Christian
Testimony (optional)/How many years have you been a Christian? Since I was young - probably five. I re-committed my life to Christ about three years ago, though.
Favorite Bible verse(s) or interesting passages: Ephesians 5:14, 1 Timothy 4:12
What are you hoping to get out of this community? Some friends who can support me spiritually. I need more of a Godly influence on here.
What do you hope to bring to this community? Me - a friend. :) I love to listen.
Type of people you're hoping to meet: Anyone, really. It'd be great if they had similar interests, but it's not a requirement or anything.
Interests/Hobbies: God (obvisouly), poetry, reading, anything Japanese, bento-making, reading, drawing, painting, reading, video-games, and did I mention reading?
Movies/TV/Books you like: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Princess Mononoke, The Chronicles of Narnia, Airborne (Trilogy), Dinotopia, Treasure Island, etc.
Ten words that describe your personality: Freaky, (yet) Quiet, Listening, Empathetic, Kind, (kinda) Sarcastic, Weird, Optimistic, Encouraging, Helpful.
Anything else? Just know that I am mature for my age - like, very mature. (I should probably act like a kid more often, but... oh well). Take a look at my profile and the interests listed there (didn't want to overload the list on here too much ^^ ).


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