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everlastingway wrote in christianaddme
Hi, I'm new here (and new to LJ)...does anyone post here anymore? I'm answering the questions, just in case. :)

Livejournal username: everlastingway
Name or Nickname: Ray
Age: 17
Location: United States
Denomination, Church or Religion: Hmm. Liberal/Progressive Christian, United Church of Christ for now...I'm going to college next year so I'm looking forward to finding my own church and/or new denomination. We'll see what happens. :) But I'm not too into labels within Christianity so I also call myself a follower of Jesus Christ.
Testimony (optional)/How many years have you been a Christian? I've been a Christian for two years now. My parents are agnostic/indifferent but took me to church growing up, so I always believed in God, but I never knew Jesus until I started reading the Bible for myself. Long story short, God's Spirit moved me through the Gospels and I knew Jesus was Lord. It was unreasonably hard for me to accept this but since I have my life has changed in ways I never knew possible...anything I say here sounds cliche but I am so very, very thankful for everything that God has done for me. 
Favorite Bible verse(s) or interesting passages: Psalm 139. There are definitely more but that's the one that stands out to me at this moment.
What are you hoping to get out of this community? A few friends on LJ, for one. :) I don't really know, especially since it doesn't seem to be very active at all, but any kind of Christian community is great for me and very much appreciated.
What do you hope to bring to this community? Because I'm a convert I think I have a different view on some aspects of Christianity...and I love to help people. So talk to me. :)
Type of people you're hoping to meet: Thoughtful, sincere Christians.
Interests/Hobbies: I play trombone and piano, I spend time with friends, I watch movies, I read when I can...yeah.
Movies/TV/Books you like: That's a lot to list!
Ten words that describe your personality: thoughtful, friendly, curious, hardworking, compassionate, optimistic, loyal...I can't think of  three more! That's sad...
Anything else? Not really. :)


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