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A great place to find Christian friends!

Christian friends community
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A place for Christians to meet new friends

This community is just a fun place to meet other Christians who participate here at Livejournal.com. Every Christian from any denomination, movement, tradition or church is welcome to take part.


1. This community is intended for a Christian audience. Non-Christians, you are free to join if you are willing to keep an open mind and are here because you want to meet nice Christian people and perhaps learn more about our beliefs. Lengthy discussions or debates on theological topics, and of course flaming, is not welcome here. Livejournal has many religious debate communities, so go check them out, please.
2. Unless a person does something drastic to prove otherwise, those who claim to be Christians should be accepted as such. This community will not tolerate members who insist on denying that others are really Christians. Also, aside from gentle guidance, this is not the place to condemn or judge anyone else. If someone is really offending you, contact the administrator.
3. This is a family friendly place. Please keep posts PG at all times! All photos belong under a cut. Even though they are under a cut, photos should be modest and clean (no bathing suits or underwear!) and appropriate to be viewed by all ages. The same goes for icons.
4. This community is designed to enable Christians to meet one another here at Livejournal, and is intended to foster friendship. If you are blessed to find a romantic partner here, that is wonderful and we encourage you to continue your relationship with the Lord's guidance, but please refrain from any romantic or sexual discussion here in the community. Thank you!
5. The main purpose of this place is to help Christians meet others with similar views and values. However, anything you think is relevant and of interest to the Christian community, including discussions, can be posted. Just use discretion.

To become a member, first join the community. Once you have been added, you'll be notified through Livejournal. Then, post an intro/application in a new entry. You can copy/paste the one below or write your own. Please feel free to modify this application however you would like, should you choose to use it.


Livejournal username:
Name or Nickname:
Denomination, Church or Religion:
Testimony (optional)/How many years have you been a Christian?
Favorite Bible verse(s) or interesting passages:
What are you hoping to get out of this community?
What do you hope to bring to this community?
Type of people you're hoping to meet:
Movies/TV/Books you like:
Ten words that describe your personality:
Anything else?
Photos, optional (don't forget to use an lj-cut!)

Not sure how to do an lj-cut? < lj-cut text="yourtexthere" > (simply remove all spaces). Alternately, use the rich text option when posting to guide you. Still confused? Click here for help from Livejournal.

Welcome to the community! May God bless you today!!

Interested in promoting the community? Here are a few images you can use! Please save them and upload them to your own server (photobucket.com is a great one). Also, if you want to make one, it would be very welcomed.